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ONLINE Pain Toolkit Workshop for UK & English speaking EU Residents

ONLINE Pain Toolkit Workshop for UK & English speaking EU Residents

Pain Toolkit - The Home Of Supported Pain Self-Management

ONLINE Pain Toolkit Workshop for UK & English speaking EU Residents

ONLINE Pain Toolkit Workshop for UK & English speakers EU Residents

** Please note, the workshop is only for people living with persistent pain and not healthcare professionals**

Many people may not have access to Pain Management Programmes and so the Pain Toolkit has organised a team of experiencesd Coaches to run a 5-day (2.5hrs a day) workshop

The workshop is open to people living with persistent and open to maximum of 10 participants. We are running three workshops during 2022 in Canada and Australia

The first workshop will be in the UK & English speaking EU residents.  It starts on Monday 31st January - Friday 4th February

Monday - Friday. 2.5hrs a day. From 10am - 12.30pm GMT

Cost of the workshop: 

Donation only - We are asking for donations as we are seeing if this concept is useful and creates change in participants. All coaches are giving their time for free but we have overheads to make the workshops happen.

Objectives of the workshop 

The main objective of workshops is to provide a comprehensive learning platform for people living with persistent pain. Give you the tools to move forward and start living again with some support.

Who runs the workshop?

The workshops are run by Coaches Pete Moore with 25yrs experience of self-managing his pain, Keith Meldrum with 28yrs experience and Chartered Physiotherapist Katie Knapton, who has 30+yrs plus supporting people with persistent pain.

What does supported self-management mean?

We use the term ‘supported self-management’ to mean the ways that health and social care services encourage, support and re-empower people to manage their persistent pain with the help and support of their healthcare worker.

What happens in the workshops

The workshop is run at a pace to suit all participants and there is plenty on interaction. In other words, it’s not a sit and listen workshop. There will be fun times as well and the opportunity to help realise and set your own goals. 

After the workshop has finished all participants will be able to join Pain Toolkit Private Facebook support group. Only people who have attended the 5-day workshop will be able to join. Pete, Katie and Keith will also be available and offer extra support if needed. We will also be posting pain self-management information on the Facebook page.


The only commitment we ask is that participants attend all five sessions and are willing fill out evaluation forms after the workshop and 3mths, 6mths and 12mths so we can evaluate how useful the Workshops have been for participants.

What next

Here is the link to book your place 

Places are limited so early booking is recommended. If you would live anymore information, please drop me message via the contact page on the this website

Passing on to others

If this workshop isn’t for you and managing okay, then please forward to others you know who would like to learn some very simple pain self-management skills, to help them get back in the driving seat.

If you have any questions, please let me know via the website contact link

Kind regards

  • Pete Moore UK
  • Katie Knapton UK
  • Keith Meldrum Canada
  • Mary Wing Australia

Videos from Pete and Katie

  • Intro to the workshop and why we think they are needed - click here to see/hear
  • Pete and Katie explain the contents of the workshop. Click here to see/hear
  • Dedication Pain Toolkit + Facebook pag. Click here to see/hear