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The Pain Toolkit

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Helping people all over the world self manage with persistent pain

The Pain Toolkit originated back in 2001 when Pete Moore was writing a self management article for pain healthcare professionals.

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It is not meant to be the last word in pain self-management but a handy guide to help you get started

Living with pain (and other long-term health conditions) himself, Pete Moore recognised that while writing the article that he had actually developed a toolkit of unique pain management skills to enable himself to become an active self manager and to subsequently lead a better life.

A persistent pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis. This website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit, a simple information booklet that provides you with handy tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain.

Most people depend too much on their Healthcare Professional to solve or get rid of their pain. Many people suffering with pain forget that they have to work together with their healthcare professional in the management of their pain.

The Pain Toolkit Booklet

Pain self management should be about team work, working together to form a partnership

Pain self management is about learning new (or using old) skills, trying them out and to see what works for you. Pain is like a finger print, so each person may need to have individual skills to suit them.

However, it should not be a partnership that is to last until death to you part

Most people depend too much on their Healthcare Professional to solve or get rid of pain. Many people forget that they have to work together with their healthcare professional and the management of their pain.

So, who is Pete Moore and how did he get started with pain self management?

Pete attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme in 1996. From 2002 - 2011 he worked for the Expert Patients Programme as Senior Trainer for Pain and as a Business Development Manager.

Video about Pete and his pain journey

Workshops (online)

In 2018 Pete recognised there was a need to develop more online pain self-management workshops, for both patients and healthcare professionals, to enhance their pain self-management skills.

Pete has written several patient/health care professional pain self-management books.

  • Pain Toolkit  
  • Pain Toolkit for neuropathic pain
  • Pain Toolkit (for people living with pain and mental health challenges)
  • Pain Toolkit for retired soccer players (male and female) 
  • Back Pain Toolkit  
  • My Pain Toolkit (for teenagers and young people)
  • Persistent Pain Programme
  • Pain Handbook for patients 
  • COPD Handbook 
  • Managing pain, from the patients prospective
  • Self-management for long-term health conditions 

Pete Moore running a workshop at the International Association Study of Pain (IASP) Boston, America 2018

Presenting & Coaching

Pete is a Coach and passed the City & Guilds training to teach adults. He also passed the City & Guilds Public speaking course.

He regularly speaks to health care professionals and patient groups here in the UK, Europe and around the word about pain self-management and is a regular presenter at the EFIC Pain School (Austria).

He is currently working on a Virtual Reality Project in collaboration with Teesside University, developing a Pain Toolkit VR Cafe, where people with pain can drop in, interact with others and learn more about pain self-management and of course, have fun doing so.

Download Pete's CV here.