Posted by PeteMoore 04/07/2017

Catch up with Pete Moore and his latest Podcasts. He discusses with Ronnie Barbour pain self-managent for both people with pain and healthcare professionals

What people are saying about the Podcasts...

Lexy Barrable says... "The Pain Toolkit podcast is perfect. The sound quality is very good and your story is real and raw which I think people want."

"The Pain Toolkit Podcast is succinct with brief digestible points, especially if you are already struggling with pain. Equipping yourself with a different perspective and a variety of tools in your pain arsenal is essential for managing your own pain, if you are ready to own it. You cannot ask for a more generous and heart-centered podcast from a man who has been on the pain journey for decades." Dr. Melissa Cady D.O. aka The Challenge Doctor

"Love these Podcasts. Short and sweet and to the point, but I wouldn't expect anything different from Pete." F.N. Essex

"I tried out some of Pete's tips from episode three about pain and sleep and they really work. Thanks Pete." C.F. Norfolk

Episode one:
Pete’s Story and why we made the Pain Toolkit Podcast - Click here

Episode two:
Improving communication skills between patients and healthcare professionals - Click here 

Episode three:
So…is pain self-management your first choice or last resort? - Click here

Episode four:
Pete Moore discusses Pain Medication addiction and self-management - Click here

Episode five:
Pain & Sleep - Pain & Work - Click here

Episode six:
 Assessing Your Own Needs - Click here

Episode seven:
How To Access Pain Self - Management Resources - Click here 

Episode eight:
Importance of stretching, exercising and keeping active - Click here

Episode nine:
Pain, low mood and depression - Click here 

Episode ten:
Quick fire Q&A from enquirers from the Pain Toolkit website - Click here 

Episode eleven:
Dealing with Pain Setbacks  - Click here 

Episode twelve:
Pain Toolkit News, European Pain Federation Congress and School  - Click here 

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