Pain Toolkit Course for Healthcare Professionals

The Pain Toolkit online course teaches healthcare professionals skills to help patients self-manage persistent pain.

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Welcome to the Pain Toolkit website and Pain Toolkit Academy, which we are launching on the 28th May 2024.

Pain Self-management

The Pain Toolkit is for people who live with persistent pain and Healthcare teams who support them

Many people with pain say they feel trapped or stuck in a persistent pain cycle? On good days they do more and on bad days less.

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The Pain Toolkit is for people who live with persistent pain and Healthcare teams who support them

Tools for Pain Self-management

You maybe thinking, what is the Pain Toolkit and how can it help assist me with my pain self management? Below are a few examples.

AI Pete powered and created by Storyfile

Powered by Storyfile, the Pain Toolkit invites you to delve into self pain-management. Engage with Pete Moore, ask unasked questions, and improve your understanding. Supported by Interreg North West Europe, Teeside University, and NIHR, a fresh approach to living with pain.

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Pain Toolkits, iBooks, Audiobooks & more

Is pain self management your first choice, or last resort? The Pain Toolkit, available on Apple iBooks and Google Play, helps people all over the world self manage and cope with persistent pain. There are variants of the Pain Toolkit which are based on location.

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Online Workshops, Webinars & Café

The Pain Toolkit workshops are for healthcare professionals and people who live with persistent pain and long-term health conditions. The workshops are delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment and incorporating time for questions and discussion.

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Pain self management tools and resources

The Pain Toolkit offers unique and tailored set of twelve tools to help and aid in pain self-management, plus a suite of tailored resources for both healthcare professionals and people living with persistent pain. We have also curated a selection of useful links too, which we think can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You maybe thinking, what is the Pain Toolkit and how can it help assist me with my self pain management? Below are a few examples.

Who is Pete Moore and what is his background?

Pete lives with persistent pain and other long-term health conditions and is an experienced trainer, teaching self-management skills to healthcare professionals and patients via his workshops. Read more about Pete here.

What is pain self-management and is it a recognised healthcare approach?

Self-management is a healthcare approach by many health organisations around the world. Here are a couple NHS & International Association for the Study of Pain.

How can the Pain Toolkit Booklet assist me and is it FREE?

The Pain Toolkit is an interactive booklet and available as a hardcopy or as a digital download. Also available as an audio book. It’s also been adapted for other health conditions.

Sadly, it is not free, as the Pain Toolkit is not supported by any organisation or institution and all monies from the sales of the Pain Toolkits and workshops, goes to the upkeep of the website, where there is lots of free information and developing new self-management information. 

Please visit the Pain Toolkit Store.

How do the Pain Toolkit workshops work?

Online Pain Toolkit workshops are for patients who maybe struggling and want to get back on track.

Pete also runs workshops for also healthcare professionals who work in Community, Primary, Secondary and Social Care. They can help to increase their awareness of the benefits of self-management. They are run in a relaxed and friendly environment, incorporating time for questions and discussion. 
Want more information contact Pete Moore here.

I am very interested in the Pain Toolkit workshops, how do I join?

Pete runs workshops throughout the year and for more information and to register, please click here.

Is Pete able to provide information on medicines and treatments?

For legal reasons, we cannot comment or advise on medical matters, i.e. diagnosis, medications or treatments.

Should I only be using self-management skills and not my GP’s/Healthcare professional advice?

The simple answer is NO as the best outcomes for managing pain or a long-term condition is ALWAYS in collaboration with your GP’s/Healthcare professional.

Where can I see up-to-date information and initiatives the Pain Toolkit is involved in?

Pete keeps people up-to-date with pain management news, events he has organised or involved with via the news and updates page.

The author, Pete Moore and his pain journey

So, who is Pete Moore and how did he get started with pain self management?

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