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The Pain Toolkit
Hard Copy

The Pain ToolkitUnited Kingdom only


24 Page A5 Pamphlet (+P&P) with simple and easy to understand tips and information to help you get you started to self-manage your pain. Links to useful resources in UK.

Back Pain Toolkit
PDF Copy

Back Pain ToolkitAvailable Worldwide


The Back Pain Toolkit is for people with long-term back pain. It includes simple stretches to help you start to exercise and get active. As always, show the stretches to members of your healthcare team to get their approval first.

Goals, Action Plans & The Harley
PDF Copy

Goals, Action Plans & The HarleyAvailable Worldwide


Pete Moore describes his pain journey, how he learned how to self-manage it and completed a 20 year goal. This eBook is dedicated to the many people out there who live with persistent pain and the healthcare professionals who support them. WARNING: Pete uses some bad language in this eBook. If you are easily offended, please do not purchase.

Pain Toolkit Handbook
PDF Copy

Pain Toolkit HandbookUnited Kingdom only


For Healthcare Professionals, supporting people with persistent pain to self-manage their pain.

Pain Toolkit Workshops, run by Pete Moore

Run by Pete Moore. The Pain Toolkit workshops are for healthcare professionals and people who live with persistent pain. The full and half day workshops are delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment and incorporating time for questions and discussion.

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