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Download the Pain Toolkit(s)

To help & assist you with your pain management

The Pain Toolkit is available as a PDF download and are updated regularly. Simply select the version from the list below and download to your device. We now offer the Toolkit’s in French, German, Italian and many more.

We cannot guarantee that we will submit all links sent to us, but we will check and review every one that is sent to us. Simply complete the short form below.

I didn’t like that when I read it. Who was this Pete Moore telling me that I had to accept my pain? But when I sat down and thought it through, acceptance is the key to moving on and I now feel I have done that. By using some of the tools, I have got my family life back and even returned to work.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDF files. The Acrobat Reader is a FREE download.

Other and alternate versions

Please send feedback and enquiries to Pete Moore. You can email Pete here.

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