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The Pain Toolkit is an easy to read 24 page informational booklet for both patients and health care professionals to use.

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Welcome to the Pain Toolkit

For people who live with persistent pain
and Healthcare teams who support them

Persistent Pain

Many people with pain say they feel trapped or stuck in a persistent pain cycle? On good days they do more and on bad days less.

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Pain Toolkit workshops are interactive and are designed to meet the needs of people with pain and healthcare teams.

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The Pain Cycle

Do you feel trapped in a persistent pain cycle? Do you do more on good days and less on bad days? Are you an over achiever?

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Pain Toolkit App

The Pain Toolkit App is easy and interactive to use for both people with pain and healthcare professionals. It is a downloadable App for your mobile phone or tablet.

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To self manage pain, having the best and right resources is important. We have been compiled a list of trusted organisations that will help you self management your pain.

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News Updates

It is important visitors can read the latest news about pain self-management. We post regular pain management news updates which are also interactive for the visitor.

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The Pain Toolkit, animated version and intro by Peter Moore

Pete Moore, who has persistent pain, asthma and osteoarthritis, has put these tools together with the help of friends, family and health care professionals. These tools have helped many people and could also help you too! The Pain Toolkit is not meant to be the last word in pain self-management but a handy guide to help you get started - all you need to be is willing to read and use it and take on board some of the suggestions.

Pain Toolkit workshops for people who use Hospices

Pain Toolkit workshops for people who use Hospices Over two days (28th & 29th July) I ran Pain Toolkit training workshop for...

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Could Pharmacist deliver educational pain self management support?

Could Pharmacist deliver educational pain self management support? With the ever increasing numbers of people reporting pain to their GP’s, are...

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Great radio interview by Jo, sharing her journey Ex Firefighter Jo Belton who is based in California, shares her journey of recovery...

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Less Pain: The results of a community pharmacy pilot pain service evaluation Lets train Pharmacists to self-manage ln.is/www.fip.org/fi…

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