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No way…Yes, Pete isn’t setback proof

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Mon, September 30, 2019

30th September - 3rd day into my setback and feeling better.  I wasn’t going to write about it but after reading Bronnie Thompson’s blog this morning about setbacks, I realised I had to write about it.

So when did it start?

First off, this really took me by surprise, as I hadn’t experienced pain like this since the early 1990’s.

When I look back it was the middle part of last week and I felt some weird pains around my upper back. I’d had them before, but they went. But I think the problems started before then.

I’d been working away the previous week in Lincolnshire and the week to that, I was teaching at the Austrian Pain School. Within each of those weeks, I did a 24hr day. The first was a flight later taking off and the other in a hotel, where the bloke above my room, was walking around all night and kept me awake.

Last week was the first real chance I had to unwind my body. Sure, I have a daily stretching and exercise routine, but I like the gym, because I can really so cardio stuff and weights.

I think I simply overdid it at the Gym. Yes, even after all these years, I’m still an overachiever.

1st day of setback

Last Saturday I woke to a really stiff back and for the first time, liked the old days, I was walking around liked I’d just crapped myself. I remember saying to myself, “what the fucks going on here?  I haven’t been like this for donkeys years.” I had pain in lower back and tightness around other parts

I did some stretching which helped, but the tightness soon came back. 

Not sure if you guys know this, but I have prostrate cancer and the cancer is in my spine. The oncologist reminded me about this last Wednesday, when I saw them for my 6monthly review. By the way, my PSA had gone down again and it’s now 1.1. Only telling you this, because the usual thoughts went trough my head, that the cancer was on the move

2nd day of setback 

After all the stretches I’d been doing, I realised I need to revise my setback plan. I had a look around YouTube for others stretches I could do and found some useful ones.

Every 30mins throughout the day I was doing some stretches and exercises, which have really helped.

3rd day of setback (today)

I had a better nights sleep and slept for about 5hrs, which is really good for me.

Yes the back was tight again and knew it would be. Did some stretches in bed and then went down to make myself a cuppa.

I did some more stretches, before heading back to bed (it was still 3am) to see what’s happening.

Got up around 4am ish and did some more stretching and by plan for today, is to carry on from where I left off yesterday stretch every 30 - 40mins.

May go out later for a short walk as well to post some Pain Toolkits people bought over the weekend.

Have an easy ish week coming up, but my goal is to get back to doing the usual stuff, but the weekend.

Checkout the blue foam roller. My new buddy. I started using it last night and a few times, this morning, ironing out a knot I have in my right butt and feel its really helped

This afternoon I went for a walk to the post office, to post Pain Toolkit Booklets, people had bought over the weekend.  I really paced myself there and back, but it could have been too soon. I was glad to get home. 

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, I continued to do my stretching and using the foam roller.

Off to bed now...

Day 4 (morning)

I slept quite well and woke around 4am ish. I didnt wake because any discomfort, but because I got the sweats because of the meds I take for the PC.

Back was really tight, but expected that and did some stretching while in bed.

Just did the first lot of what I call serious stretching and the back feels looser.

Plans for today? Not sure really. I think I'll do some walks, but shorter ones. I need to do some Pain Toolkit paperwork, so I'll dip in and out of it, throughout the day.

Felt I needed to try out, getting out and about and decided to go and get some food stuff over near Ipswich. As I say in the van, I could feel my back pain moaning out me, but thought I'd see out it went. It went well. Got loads of nice fresh foods (no crap) and after the shopping, I went to Costa coffee and had a nice cappuncino.

Feeling more confident I'm improving.

5th Day

Couldn't be arsed to write anything, but on the whole, it went well.

6th Day (Thursday)

Looks like the setback is passing and my back is a lot looser.  All the old and new stretches have worked.

I made up my mind yesterday, it was time to get back to the gym.  I’ve found in the past to be really useful is settling down minor setbacks.

Just back from the Gym. All the levels I did before this setback, I chopped in half. Last week I was doing 20mins on the bike at level 7. This morning I did 10mins and  at level 3

Also any weights I did from last week, were reduced by 50%. 

I also did extra stretching after my workout and also used the gym knobbly rollers to iron out the tight muscle in my right butt.

Also had a go in the pool and did some walking up and down. The waters was there for resistance and also to support me.

As a treat, I went and sat in the jacuzzi and chatted to Dr’s Nicola, Andy and Jim about life stuff.

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