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Yes I like all this self-management information, but I can’t really understand why I still have this bloody pain?

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Sun, July 08, 2018

I remember back in the day, when I struggled to live with my back pain, I also struggled to understand why I still had it two years plus down the road?

Healthcare professionals never really explain to me, why the pain was going on for so long. All I was given was leaflets and explanations about my discs etc, which by the way, I didn’t really understand. 

But when I attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme in 1996, they explained to me that any injury and damage I'd had in my back, had probably healed and the pain I was getting was a pain that was still trying to tell me I had to be careful and I was still injured. In other words, it was a useless pain. It was giving me false information.

It's a bit like when someone has a hand or leg amputated, but they can still feel pain in their foot or hand. The wiring signals in their nervous system are still switched on. I guess it was a bit like that for my back pain. I was getting false readings

I had to accept that this pain could be with me for some time and we had to learn how to get on with each other. So I followed the advice and support from the pain management programme and after a couple of months the pain started to wind down and since then, me and my back pain, have got along just fine.

As I’ve become older and now have Osteoarthritis, I’m using the same self-management skills I learnt back in 1996. 

So if you are a healthcare professional reading this, please can you explain to your patients how persistent pain works first, before handing out the leaflet or other information. Thank you

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