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Why we need to move the pain self-management along.

Why we need to move the pain self-management along.

I've been involved now in pain management for some 20 years. Yes, it has changed somewhat over years, but it now seems to have slowed down.

Watching and reading information on Social Media, information can get confusing.

My main issue is why Medical Schools are still only teaching the medical model of care, within their curriculums and not including the pain self-management one.

Having asked around recently, if there are dedicated degrees or qualifications for learning pain self-management, well, there doesent seem to be any.  This cannot be right, as many healthcare professionals will mainly be seeing people with persistent pain.

The Pain Revolution guys in Australia seem to be switched on, regarding pain management education for both healthcare professionals and patients, so do we need to duplicate their concept?

So it would useful, to have a Big Global CONVERSATION, where both healthcare professionals and people self-managing their pain can discuss how we shift things along

Interested? Then let me know via the website 

Once I have some names, I can then set a date and time around April, so hopefully suit everyones time zone.

Come on, let's make a difference.