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Why the Pain Toolkit is going Green

Why the Pain Toolkit is going Green

So why is the Pain Toolkit going green?

For several reasons:

  • Cut down on paper usage 
  • Reduce the need for travel for me and others

So what have we and what will be changing

  • Pain Toolkit Booklets
    • All the different versions can now be bought as an eBook via iBooks (Scott from Ryde Digital is adapting the Pain Toolkit Store to accommodate them. I will also be uploading them to GoogleBooks and Kindle over the coming weeks.
  • Pain Toolkit Workshops
    • Unless commissioned by an organisation to run a face to face Pain Toolkit workshop for either healthcare professionals or patients, all workshops will be run online, so to cut down on travel costs for the Pain Toolkit and Participants.
    • The next workshops are on:
    • Healthcare Professional Saturday 31st August 2019 
    • Patient Saturday 28th September 2019