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Why did I wait for permission to move on, even after my damaged discs had healed?

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Sun, November 10, 2019

Why did I wait for permission to move on, even after my damaged discs had healed?

For many people, long-term pain can be us giving false information.   

They tell me, that after a few months, any damage has mostly healed, but yet, the pain is still there.  Yes, it can be confusing.

Pete’s experience

It was confusing for me back in the day. I don’t remember any healthcare professional tell me the damaged discs I had, had healed and the pain was giving me false messages. 

For about three years I was in protective mode. 

  • Over-resting
  • No keeping active, stretching and exercising
  • Giving up my jobs
  • Stop doing things I enjoyed doing
  • Avoided relationships

Getting answers 

It wasn’t until I attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme (PMP) in 1996, I was given the information, skills and confidence, to get myself, back on track and in the driving seat.

After the INPUT PMP

But I recognised after about two years and subconsciously, I was still in protective mode, not just with my pain, but with my life. 

I hadn’t noticed I had improved…

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally

I took some bolds moves, by getting into another relationship and getting a full-time job.

But why did I wait so long? 

The intensiveness of living with long-term pain had imprinted on me so much, it stopped me moving on. What was I waiting for?

My very good friend Jo Belton aka MyCuppaJo explains and puts it really well, in one of her excellent blogs called Permission to exit the holding pattern of pain and uncertainty.

In the blog, Jo talks about going into a ‘holding pattern’ just like a plane, waiting for permission to land.

I was doing this and noticed I can still do it even today.

One of my long-term goals on the INPUT PMP was to ride a motor cycle (preferably a Harley) again, but I kept putting it off. 

  • I’m not fit enough
  • I don’t have to money
  • What would happen if I dropped the bike and caused more pain problems?
  • Where would I keep it?

I was still coming up with these BS excuses until May 2016, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Why the hell did I have to wait to get cancer, before getting my Harley?

  • I got a Harley in June 2016 (I’ve got two now - two FatBoys and I love them.)
  • I found the money to buy my first bike
  • I was and still fit enough to ride them
  • I have dropped the bike several times, picked it up.
  • I found somewhere to keep it.

So why as Jo puts it, did I and others, go into this Holding Patten?

I think sometimes we are locked into waiting for the healthcare professional to give us the okay. But we don’t have to wait, do we. 

Don’t me like me and wait. Make a list of what you would like to get back to or even try out something new. 

If you are in the UK reading this, then checkout your local Social Prescribing Team, who can signpost you to what's happening in your area. 

Still waiting for permission? Okay, I’m giving it to you now.

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