What, or when was it, you had that…. Aha Moment? When you realised the medication model wasn’t working, for patients?

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Sun, January 27, 2019

Shoutout to Healthcare Professional, who support people with pain...

What, or when was it, you had that.... Aha Moment. When you reaslised the medical model of care, you were taught it, wasn't really useful, for people who live with persistent pain?

So why am I asking...

In last few months, I've been getting a few of requests from healthcare professionals asking me about pain self-management and especially and when or what was the AHA! moment I had, when I stopped being a 'serial doctor and therapy shopper' and started to take more control of me and my pain. I guess they want to find out, something they missed in Med School. Perhaps they want to show their patients, managing pain is possible?

Let's get the crux of the matter

Now, we are are not born pain self-managers, we have to learn it. And I think it's the same or silmiar for healthcare professionals, because most Med Schools only teach the medical modlel of care, which really isn't usefl for people like me or the 1 in 5 around the world, who live with pain.

But there are many healthcare professionals out there looking for that AHA! moment that could help them to change, from their usual medical model support mechanisms, which are not working and want to include the self-management approach.

So this is what I think, would be useful.

I would like to develop a simple handbook (which will be free) for healthcare professionals, with simle examples from other healthcare professionals, who had a AHA! moment and incorperated the self-management model of care, into their practice.

What do I need?

I need some short examples from healthcare professionals, who use the pain self-management model approach. 5 paragraphs would be excellent.

So all you healthcare professionals, promoting self-managment out there, can you send me your text (and a photo would be nice) and I will include, with a Pdf Booklet.  

Also, as its going to me your handbook, can you send me ideas for the title of it.

Please send me your text to me here 


In the meantime, if you would like to learn some pain self-management skills, to help your patients, then why not attend the online and interactive Pain Toolkit Workshop for healthcare professionals.

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