VR4REHAB UK Hackathon at Brunel University London 4th July 2018 @VR4RehabProject

Posted by PeteMoore 03/06/2018

VR4REHAB UK Hackathon at Brunel University London 4th July 2018

Professor Denis Martin from Teesside University gives us some hints about pain and its management and asks a fundamental question: what can VR do for pain management? Click here to watch and hear his important message 

You are invited to come and take part in an exciting event to develop ideas for virtual reality and digital technology products for pain management. The event is a two-day Hackathon at Brunel University on July 4-5. For those of you who don't know, a Hackathon works by putting in the same room people with different skills and backgrounds and helping them to come up new solutions to problems.

Pain management is one of the five themes in the Hackathon. This is led by Professor Denis Martin from Teesside University, who says: "There's lots of scope for new ideas to come from the Hackathon. For example, one of the problems people have is getting access to the right kind of advice and support – that is where things like interactive education and games can help people to better manage living with pain."

There will be designers, health professionals and people living with pain, all putting their experience and expertise into a melting pot to see what clever ideas they can come up with.

If you are interested in taking part you can sign up for free here

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