Thinking of having surgery for a back pain? Considered Pre-habilitation (PreHab) ?

Posted by PeteMoore 06/06/2018

Last week I saw a Facebook video interview between Melissa Cady The Challenge Doctor and a orthopedic complex spine surgeon, Dr. David Hanscom.

The doctor talked about something called a Pre-habilitation Programme (PreHab), where people who were due to have surgery, went first on a Pre-habilitation programme. 

A PreHab is more or less a rehabilitation programme which is usually given after a surgery, but in this case, it was offered before.

What they discovered was that people did so well, they didn't actually need the surgery.

Are PreHab's common in the UK?

I've had a look around the Internet and seen some patchy information about them, but coudn't really see any organisation, who is running them

Are they useful?

Well I don't know about you, but to me they make a lot of sense, especiall  if people don't need surgery


Please let me know if you have been on a PreHab.

  • Where was it
  • Was it useful? 
  • Would you recommend it to others?

Please contact me here 

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