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Three useful videos via PocketMedic 

Three useful videos via PocketMedic 

Three useful videos via PocketMedic 

Three useful videos via PocketMedic if you are person with persistent pain or a healthcare 

  1. What is persistent pain (Pain expert Dr Patrick Hill explains the difference between acute and chronic pain.?
  2. Visiting a Pain Clinic (Welcome to a Pain Clinic. We see what happens in a clinic and how patients learn about managing their pain)
  3. What is pain and an insight into a Pain Toolkit workshop (A group of people meets to share experience of pain. Expert patient, Pete Moore tells his story. It inspires the group to learn more about self-managing their pain.?

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Message from PocketMedic

NHS healthcare professionals and patients have worked with the PocketMedic team to make this series of health information films. Each film has been reviewed by clinicians and patients alike to ensure that the information they share can help you to understand and manage your condition. However, if you have any concerns or worries about your health you should contact your healthcare professional for advice.

We would love to know if you found these films helpful. After watching all of the films, please take the time to fill out these four quick questions. Your feedback will help us improve this service. Thank you.  Click here to take part in the short feedback form