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Self-Management Toolkit - Carers Edition

Self-Management Toolkit - Carers Edition

Make self-management your first choice and not the last resort…

Self-Management Toolkit - Carers Edition

Self-Management Toolkit - Carers Edition

Pete Moore is the author and originator of the Pain Toolkit. He successfully lives with persistent pain, asthma, prostate cancer and osteoarthritis.

For 5years he was a parent carer and also taught self-management skills to via workshops

He has put these tools together with the help of friends, family and healthcare professionals.  

  • 12 Self-Management Tools 
  • Tool 1 - Accept that you have a long-term health condition ... and then begin to move on 
  • Tool 2 - Get involved, building a support team 
  • Tool 3 - Pacing daily activities 
  • Tool 4 - Learn to prioritise/plan out your days 
  • Tool 5 - Setting Goals/ Action Plans 
  • Tool 6 - Being patient with yourself 
  • Tool 7 - Learn relaxation skills 
  • Tool 8 - Meaningful movement, keeping Active...Stretching & Exercising
  • Tool 9 - Keep a diary and tracking your progress 
  • Tool 10 - Have a setback plan 
  • Tool 11 - Teamwork 
  • Tool 12 - Keeping it up and being resilient. 

The Self-Management has been adapted from the Pain Toolkit which I authored in 2001. When you click on each of the tools from 1-12, the videos are from the Pain Toolkit, simply because most people long-term health conditions, will be experiencing some type of long-term pain.

IMPORTANT: All monies from the sales of the ebooks, goes towards the upkeep of the website and developing new resources. The Pain Toolkit isn't supported by any any organisations or institutions. 

How to get the Self-Management Toolkit - Carers Edition

iBook (Apple users) 

Google Play (for android users)

If you are interested in a attending a workshop for Carers, please let me know via this link