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‘Permission to exit the holding pattern of pain and uncertainty’

‘Permission to exit the holding pattern of pain and uncertainty’

‘Permission to exit the holding pattern of pain and uncertainty’

"They called me a revolving door patient"

Healthcare workers back in the day called me a revolving door patient.  I didn’t realise it until some years after I attended a pain management programme, their medical model of care was actually the revolving door that kept me revolving in their medical system.

I’ve spent many years now helping people with persistent pain to break away from a medical pain mgt system. Sadly many have become so reliant on that system, there ccan a fear to break away from it. 

For me, breaking away from it, gave me freedom and my life back.

My friend Jo Belton wrote a blog some years ago entitled ‘Permission to exit the holding pattern of pain and uncertainty’ it resonated with me as how I (back in the day) and others living with persistent pain, seem go into a holding pattern, similar to what aeroplanes may have to do when a approaching an airport, because it's to busy.

People can become so reliant on the medical model, it can be scary to let go of it, but we need to give ourselves permission to land and get on with life, in spite of our pain.

But…we may need some help and why we need to find a programme, course or workshop to get us started.

I would like to hear from others, as to how you broke away from your holding pattern.

Joletta Belton is co-chair of Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (GAPPA) Task Force