Pain Toolkit Online Workshop information

Posted by PeteMoore 19/02/2018

Pain Toolkit Online Workshop information

Below is more information about the Online Pain Toolkit workshops

Attending a workshop

Prior to workshop participants will be invited to take part in a 30min Pain Toolkit taster workshop. This is to make sure the workshop is for them.

All the Pain Toolkit workshops are free to attend and they are run over 6-weeks for 90mins each week. We have included regular breaks so participants don’t sit for too long.

The Pain Toolkit workshops

The worshops are designed to be friendly and information to help you get started in pain self-management and not to be last word in pain management

  • 8-10 people attend each workshop
  • Each participant will be sent simple instructions about how to join the workshop and the features
  • There will be ample time for everyone to speak during the workshop. We want it to be interactive and have time for discussion
  • On each workshop Pete will show a PowerPoint as a guide

Evaluation of the workshops

Each participant will have to take part in the evaluation. We need to evaluate the workshops to see if they are useful. If they are, we will run more.

Participants will have to fill in only an 8-10 questionnaire, before week one. Also on week six. Short question will also be sent at 3 and 6 months after the workshops are finished.

What you will need to take part…

Computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera 

How to join the workshop?

All participants will be given a dedicated login for that particular Pain Toolkit online workshop.

Each workshop is recorded.

The workshop will be recorded, so if you miss a week because of sickness, you just sign in and watch it. Also if you forget something that was said by Pete or another participant, again, you can log on and review the video. 

The videos are not shared with anyone outside the participant group to ensure privacy under the new data protection guidelines. The Pain Toolkit also ask that all participants not share the videos outside of the group to ensure privacy.

If you have any questions, please let me know via the contact point of the website



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