Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities 2nd edition @AusPainSoc #Auspain19

Posted by PeteMoore 16/04/2018

Now launched...Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities 2nd edition (Australia)

This new edition is designed as a “one stop shop” with easy-to-use information and resources at the fingertips of the residential aged care facility workforce. It is relevant for personal care assistants, registered nurses, general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, occupational therapists, pharmacists and other allied health professionals to identify, assess and manage pain by addressing various pain management strategies.

The 2nd edition of this landmark document, released 13 years after the first in 2005, is authored and reviewed by expert multidisciplinary stakeholders. It includes revised and expanded content, including two new chapters Pain at the End of Life and Pain and Nutrition. The document aims to provide contemporary research and expanded clinical practice insights and knowledge that should be utilised to inform clinical practice for the management of pain in residential aged care facilities.

How to obtain a copy?

It's here 


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