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Pain Toolkit Educational Resources GoFundMe Page

Pain Toolkit Educational Resources GoFundMe Page

Pain Toolkit Educational Resources GoFundMe Page

The Pain Toolkit  has become a hub or go-to website for people with persistent pain and also healthcare professionals who support them.

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Our main aim is to provide simple educational pain self-management resources.

In 2020 people generously donated nearly a £1000, so that we could turn these Toolkits into Audiobook versions - Pain Toolkit and the Back Pain Toolkit into Audio books.

The audiobook versions are ideal for…

  • People with vision problems 
  • Just like to sitting and listening
  • Learn better by listening
  • Learning while on the move

Feedback has been overwhelming, so much so, that now we would like to make Audiobook version for the... 

  • Self-Management Toolkit  
  • Pain Toolkit Neuropathic Pain

Any help and support, would be most welcome

Please donate here

Author of the Pain Toolkit