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Outsmart the Pain

Outsmart the Pain

Insights to supported pain self management

Outsmart the Pain

My good friend and colleague in the field of pain management Dr Karsten Ahlbeck from Sweden interviewed me for his new Outsmart the pain podcast.

I’ve known Karsten after meeting him at a pain management meeting in Brussels around 2008/9  He’s one of those pain doctors who really gets pain selfmgt concept and why I’ve a lot of time for him and his work.

He has written a book called Outsmart the Pain (at the moment only in Swedish) and says... "To "outsmart" does not mean to think away the pain, but to change the focus of the brain with knowledge and practical methods. With the help of the book, you will learn more about medicines, different types of pain and their treatments, read about very different patient meetings and even advice on how to prepare your doctor's visit!

My interview with him - links below

Link to Insights from Episode 6 - pain self management 5.33 seconds long

Link to Full Episode Outsmart the pain - pain self management!

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