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In Conversation Videos

In Conversation Videos

with Healthcare Professionals

In Conversation Videos

In Conversation Videos Healthcare Professionals 

Below are interviews I have done with Healthcare Professionals in recent years

Dr Tim Williams

Pain Toolkit Interview with Physiotherapist Katie Knapton

Pain Toolkit interview with…Occupational Therapist Cheryl Crow

Pain Toolkit interview with…Physiotherapist  Hannah Leach

Pain & Sleep with Dr Sue Peacock

Interview with Lou James from Pinc and Steel

Jack Chew

Kieran O'Sullivan

Kjartan Vibe Fersum - Associate Professor, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist,

Interview with Physical Therapist Sarah Haag

Interview with Melissa Cady - The Challenge Doctor

Pain Toolkit TV Interview with Physiotherapist, Felicity Thow

Pain Toolkit Interview with Physiotherapist - Mike James 

Pain Toolkit Interview with Paul McCambridge & Luke Davies

Pain Toolkit Interview with Professor Blair Smith

OT Linda Crawford & Dr Sue Peacock

Pain Toolkit interview with Maddy Nicholson

Pain Toolkit In Conversation with… Occupational Therapist Chloe Kitto

Pain Toolkit interview with Pain Nurse Mandy Wilson

A Way Forward and No Going Back - a In Conversation video with Sandy Hilton, Kat Gloor, Joletta Belton & Pete Moore

In Conversation with Occupational Therapist Bronnie Lennox Thompson

Pain Toolkit interview with Rajam Roose, from the San Diego Summit.

Pain Toolkit In Conversation with… Ruth Barber

Pain Toolkit In conversation with Bryn Kennard

Pain Toolkit & Physio Fast Online Interview with…  

Matt Jenkinson Physiotherapist 

1min interveiw Lissanthea Taylor

1min interveiw with With… James Stark Physical Therapist Michigan, USA.

Guidelines for Clinicians BEFORE having a telephone / Video call