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How I self-manage my prostate cancer

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Mon, December 17, 2018

Back in 1996 I attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme

I didn't know it at the time, that the programme would not only help me to manage my persistent back pain, but I would be learning life-long skills for other health problems.

Back in 2016, I was dianosed with Prostate cancer (PC). I was able to use the self-management I learned on the INPUT programme to manage, my new symptoms.

I found a lot of help from a New Zealand organisation called Pinc & Steel ...and as they say..."They are here to support, guide and rehabilitate people through every stage of their treatment and recovery." 

I was very luck to meet Lou James, the founder of Pinc and Steel last December in London, when she was in the UK training other Physios about cancer rehab.

A few weeks ago Lou asked if I would do an interveiw with her, about how I manage my prostate cancer and of course I said yes.

Here is the video, which tells my story living with PC, from day one, to how I manage today (Dec 2018)

If you know of someone living with PC, please send them the video.

Massive thanks to Lou and all the other Physios around the world, who help and support others live me to overcome and self-manage.


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