Go to Can you help the Naked Physio? @nakedphysio I will and have

Can you help the Naked Physio? @nakedphysio I will and have

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Tue, October 23, 2018

Message from the Naked Physio aka Paul Lagerman

My mate and I will be competing in the Breca Swimrun Wanaka March 2019.

We are raising money for @pincandsteel cancer rehab. I have witnessed the impact cancer has on loved ones. So, we would appreciate if you could donate some coins/notes.

I've created this page because I have witnessed first hand the impact cancer can have on loved ones and their families. 

My mate and I praise the work of PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust and wanted to support them for the amazing inspiration they give to people having been through or are living with cancer. 

We will be competing in a Swimrun round the banks and in the glacial waters of lake Wanaka. 

So, if you could spare a couple of dollaz, quid, euro's (or whatever currency) that would be truly appreciated. Please help me help them by giving what you can.

Please donate HERE


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