Arsenal Football club and Pain Self-management - What do they have in common?

Posted by 'PeteMoore' Sat, January 26, 2019

Arsenal Football club and Pain SelfMgt - what do they have in common?

Just heard the result of the Arsenal v Man Utd game and yet another dismal result for us. Being kicked out of the FA Cup, at an early stage again.

For the foreseeable future, the Gunners will be a mid table side. So why is this?

What’s going on at the Arsenal, reminds me a lot about what goes on in the Pain World over the years.

So what are the similarities? 

  • Poor management, leadership, decision makers and lack of investment are I think, the main ones.
  • Excellent Pain Healthcare Professionals, fed up, with the above (poor management etc) leaving their key roles in the NHS, to move to the private sector.
  • Sure there are some areas, where fantastic things are happening, but we need more.

So what’s do be done?

Arsenal? Nothing will change until the owner changes.

Pain management. I think it is changing, albeit slowly, as always.

When I look back, at the thinking regarding pain management, 20 years ago, it’s radically changed. Many healthcare professionals are now realising that the medical model they were trained in, isn’t really useful for helping people to self-manage.

In recent years, I’ve met some fantastic people, who doing fabulous work in pain self-management. They are just not thinking outside the box, but actually got rid of it.

So to the future...

  • Can those healthcare professionals reading this, influence the Med Schools to also include Pain SelfMgt within the Schools curriculums?
  • I think if you want to slow down the ever increasing number of people living with pain, please copy how the recycling revolution started. 
  • Start teaching pain self-management to children in schools. They learn lifelong skills and they go home and teach the parents.
  • Make Pain SelfMgt more interesting and fun. Face it people, a lot of it is dull and boring unlike my Pain Toolkit workshops, where we have fun learning.

To Patients Reading this. If you are waiting for a fix or miracle. Forget it. If you want to see the person, who is going to help you, go and look in the mirror, as that’s the person who is going to help you the most. But, you may need a little help, so find a healthcare professional who knows about pain self-management.

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