Pete Moore

This website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit, an information booklet authored by Pete that offers handy tips and skills, offering support along the way in managing pain.

So, who is Pete Moore and how did he get started with pain self management?

Pete attended the INPUT Pain Management Programme in 1996. From 2002 - 2011 he worked for the Expert Patients Programme as Senior Trainer for Pain and as a Business Development Manager.

He has written several patient/health care professional-led pain self-management programmes, including:

  • Pain Toolkit  (illustrated)
  • Back Pain Toolkit  (illustrated)
  • Your Pain Toolkit (illustrated)
  • My Pain Toolkit (for teenagers and young people)
  • Managing your pain, one day at a time
  • Persistent Pain Programme
  • Pain Handbook for patients (illustrated)
  • COPD Handbook (illustrated)
  • Managing pain, from the patients prospective
  • Self-management for long-term health conditions (illustrated)

Pete authored a simple booklet for people with pain called the Pain Toolkit which was supported by the Department of Health and now used extensively in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2009 245,000 copies have been printed and in circulation throughout the UK and download from the website 350,000 times.

They have been translated into Austrian, Arabic, Dutch, French, Norwegian, German, Gujarati, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Presenting & coaching

Pete regularly speaks to health care professionals and patient groups here in the UK and Europe about pain self-management and is a regular presenter at the EFIC Pain School (Austria).

Pete Moore, IASP 2018

He works part time as part of the Patient Advisory Team for the University College London, Imperial College and Leicester University which are conducting research on the role of movements in persistent pain called Emotion & Pain. The study is taking advantage from recent technological developments in the field of computer gaming and aims at record people’s movements using special sensors.

Health Coaching Training Programmes for Clinicians

Pete is a member of the Steering Group for the Health Coaching concept in the East of England. Health Coaching promotes a different type of conversation that transforms and supports the clinician/patient relationship.

  • British Pain Society
  • Pain UK
  • IASP
Pain Toolkit Workshops, run by Pete Moore

Run by Pete Moore. The Pain Toolkit workshops are for healthcare professionals and people who live with persistent pain. The full and half day workshops are delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment and incorporating time for questions and discussion.

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